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My dear friend,

Everyday world asks you to learn something new, to make lots of decisions, to be at your best shape, to deal with five tasks at a time… Time flies and we are always on autopilot, doing something without thinking about how or why we do it. We wake up stressed out, and go to bed stressed out. That’s because mental illness will overtake cancer and heart disease to become the biggest burden on global healthcare resources very soon. I don’t know why, but we spend a lot of years in school to learn mathematics, history, chemistry and other stuff. But no one teaches us the essential information we need to create a happy life. Anxiety, stress and depression are ruining our lives every single day. So just like we have to learn to read or to write, in the same way, we have to learn to manage anxiety and stress. My goal is to give you everything you need to learn that.


Hey, I'm Irma - stress fighter, mindfulness teacher and almost psychologist. I can’t make your stress disappear, but if it’s like an aggressive lion, we can make it into a lovely cat.

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If you can’t change your thinking from negative to positive…

If you can’t change your thinking from negative to positive…

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Everyone is talking about benefits of positive thinking… But! How to become positive? It is easier said than done. From early childhood I had a lot of negative thoughts. I was always worried about something: school, family, future… Now, when I always try to be in the moment, I can see how negative thought comes […]

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It doesn’t matter if you are going through divorce, or if you lost your job, or if you are sick, or if you feel lonely, or if you are tired of waiting for changes in your life, You can be happy! You can always find happiness, peace, serenity and other good emotions within you. Because […]

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