Are You Still Searching For Your Passion?

glass-473758_1280I have to admit, long time I was looking for passion in my life. I grew up in a family, where everybody said, that “job is one of the most important things in life, and it doesn’t matter, if like your job or if you hate it. You must to make money. You have to stay 8 hours in your job, and then you can live your life. Job is not about your passions or talents, it’s about responsibility and money”.

I don’t know how, but I had totally different approach to work since I was a child. I thought that I can’t afford to erase 8 hours from my day and 40 hours from my week, life is too short for that. I always wanted to do what I love and to be paid for that. So I knew, I have to find my passion. I really believed that one day I will find some kind of activity and this activity will bring passion, happiness and fulfilment.

So I used to be sad while I was washing dishes, doing laundry, reading an article, working… because I thought it was a waste of time. I watched people who sang like angels, or people who were amazing athletes…, but I couldn’t find my passions and my talents. I used to feel some kind of hole inside me. And I was looking for something to fulfil it. But nothing could not help me, because I didn’t understand one basic truth. Few days ago I heard it in Marie Forleo’s show, and I remembered how lucky I was to find this in my early 20s:

Passion isn’t something outside you; passion is something you bring to the moment.

When I began to bring passion in everything I do, my life changed and I found my talents. So if you can’t find your talents and hobbies, you should bring passion in every moment, in simple things and tasks. And this vibration will guide you to your dream job, where you’ll fulfill your true potential.

I would love to read your opinion about that 😉

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2 comments on “Are You Still Searching For Your Passion?

  1. Hi Irma,

    While reading your post, those are the exact same thoughts I had all my life. Then I came to realize that my passion about what I wanted to do in my life was always there, it was just me who never realized that I was already working with people to help them with their lives. I was always giving advice, helping them with their business and personal issues but I never thought that it could actually become my job. I thought that it’s natural. Well that’s the trick! There are things that are natural to us but we fail to realize that they are our specialty. Thank you for this post!


    • “Then I came to realize that my passion about what I wanted to do in my life was always there” – beautiful truth. Thank you, Zaria! Good luck :)

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