Can 2 minutes bring big and positive changes into your life?

It doesn’t matter if you are going through divorce, or if you lost your job, or if you are sick, or if you feel lonely, or if you are tired of waiting for changes in your life, You can be happy!

You can always find happiness, peace, serenity and other good emotions within you. Because these feelings and emotions come from the inside, not from the outside.

opposites-489521_1280I used to think that I must have: job that I love, wonderful friends, cozy flat… to be happy, optimistic and fulfilled. But it wasn’t true. Now I try to do everything with positivity and with my all energy, and you know what? I find happiness in dish washing, waiting in the line, listening to the boring lecture or even getting wet in the rain.

Job does not have to bring happiness to you, you have to find happiness, positivity, creativity and joy within yourself, while working. Same with other things.

All outside circumstances are always changing. But good things you have within you, will always will be there.

So don’t waste your energy on things you cannot change at the moment. And be grateful for everything that is happening, because everything happens for a reason.

Try to sit still for 5 seconds, and then concentrate to you heart. You will feel a second full of wonderful emotions (after that second our mind usually takes the lead again). You can live with these wonderful emotions everyday. But you have to practice.

Everyday you brush your teeth, right? While doing that (every morning and every evening), you could concentrate to your heart and you could try to feel peace, love and fulfilment, while remembering to be grateful for everything that you have. Your heart wants to let these good emotions out. Let it be your daily practice. Easy and simple, but life-changing. You will never believe, what those few minutes will bring to your life. I can promise, because I know! Those minutes will give a start for big and positive changes.

Try it, and let me know, how it goes. You have other rituals of being with yourself and bringing joy, positivity and love into your life? I would love to read about that!

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