How relaxation can change your life?

Few weeks ago a young women was sitting in front of me. She told me that she has an interesting job, she loves her boyfriend and her health is really good. You should think that she was very happy. I thought so too, but I decided to ask. You know what I heard? Silence. Very often silence is an answer. Later she told me that despite she likes her job, she feels stress all the time. New projects keep coming and she is constantly thinking, if she will do them on time. She feels anxiety even if she is preparing dinner or talking with her boyfriend. I asked her: when was the last time you felt really relaxed? Silence again. (It is a very common story, isn’t it?) I started to feel warm flames in my chest and stomach. I feel that every time, when I have to explain the importance of relaxation. I really think that this is a part of my mission in this life.

Imagine that tasks we have to do, negative emotions, disagreements, stress, anxiety and fears are like dusts on the window. When there are only few dusts, we can see clearly, but after some time the layer of dusts become so thick that we can’t see anything. Same thing with our mind and body. After a long period of not cleaning our mind, we can’t think clearly. Our thoughts become generally negative, our reactions become negative, we feel lack of energy, unmotivated and unhappy. And that’s because we do not clean the dusts. Cleaning our mind is crucial if we want to live a happy life.

Few decades ago the speed of life was slower. People spent more time with their families, or fishing, or going for a walk, or doing other hobbies – and that was their mind cleaning. But now so many things have changed. We are always hurrying (are you hurrying while reading this?). We forget to see the beauty of the moment, we always think about our past and future, we do not have time for hobbies, we forget to be happy. That’s because our window is too dirty. I want to help you to clean it and to see the real beauty of your life.

We must find 20 minutes per day for deep relaxation, when all tensions, stresses and negative thoughts flow out of our minds and bodies. In the state of deep relaxation our bodies can heal themselves, we become energized, creative and happy. Daily practice of deep relaxation is like meditation, but much easier for beginners. It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety, awakens your intuition, your thoughts become positive, you feel joy… I could write the benefits all day long.

I am still working on my 40 days relaxation program which I believe will bring wholeness, happiness and serenity to those who will find time for it. But if you want to start cleaning your window sooner (because sometimes it’s really dirty and you need to wait for the results), I have a special offer for you.

Unlimited communication through emails for one month and deep relaxation recording just for you, which I promise will transform your whole life. Soon you will forget about stress and anxiety.

Whole month we could talk about your lifestyle, your problems, your feelings, your attitude to life, your negative thinking patterns and everything else. Why you should talk with me about your life? Because I must to get to know you, if I want to help you. During that month I will create a personalized deep relaxation audio for you. You will have to practice it everyday, and of course you will be able to talk with me about problems and feelings which you’ll probably experience during relaxation. We will do the first relaxation together on Skype, if you want.

will help you to develop a new habit of daily relaxation, and you will definitely see positive changes in your body, soul and mind. What is the price of this life changing habit? Only 14.89 EUR.

Write me an email and we will talk about all the details ( Don’t forget to share this with you friends! Because we all see stressed people in our lives, and there is a way to help them.

P.S. Are you experiencing financial problems? I will teach you for free, because I know that this relaxation will help you to find yourself and then all financial problems will fade away.

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