How to be happy right now?

young-72168_1280You know what makes us worried and unhappy? Endless thinking about the future and the past. Mind should be a tool which helps to live this life as best as we can, but somehow mind and thoughts are the biggest enemies. Why? Because we don’t know how to use them.

What are you thinking right now? Are you just reading? I don’t think so. I know that you are reading and thinking about something at the same time. When you wash dishes, do you really wash dishes or at the same time you are planning something? That is the problem. Neither the dishes, nor your plans will be excellent. If you want quality, you have to concentrate on what you are doing 100 percent. We are always thinking and planning, and regretting and that is the cause of our suffering.

I assure you that you can be happy and at peace right now. Because you already have everything that you need. Our mind is always telling us false stories. And usually we choose to believe them. You need a better job to be happy, you just need to marry and then you will be happy, you need a new apartment to be happy, you need a good friend to be happy, if you will be cured from this illness, then you will be happy for the rest of your life etc. The biggest part of my life I believed in these stories. I wanted my own room, I wanted a boyfriend, I wanted to finish university, I wanted a good job to be happy, but one day I looked back at my life and I saw that all the time my mind was telling me lies. I saw that I already have everything that I wanted, but I don’t feel happy. I finished university, and I felt happy for a moment, but then I understood that happiness in over, now I have to find a job, a place to live. Every time we achieve something that we wanted we feel satisfaction and happiness for a little while, but then our mind starts to tell us that it is not enough, we have to achieve more and then we will be really happy. This cycle is endless. But now I know, nothing is enough to make our mind happy, it just won’t be enough, never. Nothing from the outside can make us really happy, because happiness is an inner state. And you can access that state right now. You just need to be here and now.

Let’s do a little experiment. Bring all your attention and awareness to the palm of your hand. Look at the fingers, at the lines in your palm, at the colour of your skin, feel the sensations in your palm. Then close your eyes, but do not withdraw your attention from the palm. Maybe you can feel tingling in your hand, or maybe your hand is getting warmer… I guess that some thoughts came to you (I am wasting my time; why am I doing this; this is nonsense). Observe these thoughts, just like you would observe a cup on the table. You know that you are not the cup, you are just looking at it. Same with thoughts. You watch them, but you do not identify with them. Let them be. When you do not identify with your thoughts, they just vanish. And that second when one thought just vanished and another thought didn’t come yet you feel a glimpse of happiness. Concentration to the palm of your hand is helping you to crate that gap for the happiness to come.

Some of you will definitely feel that. But some of you need a little bit of practice. It is really hard for an ordinary man to start live like that, I mean here and now. It is unbelievably hard to access happiness within you, when you don’t know how to do that and most importantly don’t believe that there is happiness within you. That’s why we need practices and techniques which helps us to achieve that. To lengthen that glimpse.

This was a fragment from my upcoming guide. I am in the process of creating a 40 day program to incredibly improve the quality of our lives. To reduce stress, anxiety, fears, worries and to access the happiness within us. I’ve read a lot of times about advantages of being here and now. But I really missed information how to do that. How to do that for an ordinary man, which do not know how to meditate, which do not know how to control his mind. I will give you practical techniques and after 40 days you will not recognize the unhappy person you were before.

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