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friends-536896_1280Sometimes we feel so lonely, unworthy and unhappy. We can find many reasons: because our job is so stressful, because everyone is hurrying somewhere, maybe our spouse better reads newspaper during dinner than talks with us, or maybe checking stuff on mobile phone is more important to our friends than the story that we are telling, family members forget to say thank you or ask how you feel and food that we loved few years ago is not as good as it was… Yes, sometimes life seems really hard. I bet you know that feeling when everything looks so hard and you might think that only a miracle could help you.

I want to inspire you to be that miracle for someone. Sometimes all we need is a little bit attention and a little bit care.

I know that we all have people in our lives who are going through hard times. Sometimes we don’t even know if someone is having problems, because we never truly ask. You know, I see people in my life, who seem to be happy. They talk about best parties they attended, they tell about their perfect relationships and interesting job. But sometimes when there are only two of us, I love to ask: do you really feel happy? And you know what? Most of the times I see how their faces change, and how their hearts slowly open. In five minutes people tell me that their job is too stressful, that they would love to change their living place, that they are tired of those parties, that they think something is missing in their lives, etc. And usually I am not fast enough to say something, or to give an advice to them. They feel better, just because someone really cared how they feel.

When you really care about someone, you can change his life. We all need to feel, that we are important to someone.

Yes it’s so simple! When we meet with our friends and family and we talk only about weather, movies, or we only tell about our journeys and achievements, the meeting is really poor. Our friend can go out of the meeting even unhappier than he was before.

So if you really want to make someone’s life better, all you need to do is just ask honest questions. But you need to be really honest! If you act like you are interested, your friend will never tell you the truth about his real feelings.

Valentine’s day is coming! Let’s make a world a better place. Choose one human and just ask him, how he feels? Is there anything you can do to make his life brighter?

It could be your friend, your neighbour, your child or a spouse sitting in the next room. Just take all the best emotions and with all love you have ask how he really feels. You will not believe what you’ll see.

I would be very happy to read your stories and insights about this. And if you think that this article could be helpful to someone, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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