Stop lying to yourself


Do you want to start a real fight against stress and anxiety?

I don’t think so.

I know a lot of people who say that there is too much stress in their lives, that they are always anxious, that they do not know how to relax. But they are only talking.

So many times I say: “Hey, I know one technique, which can really help you. This technique not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but it also improves general well-being and brings more joy into practitioner’s life. It is scientifically proven. Do you want to try?

Sounds great. I should try it, but I don’t have time.

Uuuuhhh it drives me crazy. Stress is killing them and taking away joy form them, but they can’t find 20 minutes per day to change that.

Maybe they need even more stress for a real change?

I know from my own life, that we do not change anything until the situation becomes really bad. I started to search for answers and ways to improve my life quality only when I felt like a real crap.

Ready for a change? I really recommend Yoga nidra. It’s easy, it doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take much time.

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Hey, I'm Irma - stress fighter and almost psychologist. I can’t make your stress disappear, but if it’s like an aggressive lion, we can make it into a lovely cat.

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