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girl-429380_1920Several days ago I woke up feeling nervous and stressed out. Thoughts about all the things I have to do kept running in my head. Small things looked big that day, so I felt so overwhelmed. I meditated but that didn’t help me a lot. So I decided to go for a walk. I just pushed all my work aside, because I knew that in such condition my work will not be productive. It was hard to leave everything, because I had to do so many things. But I knew that when I feel well I can do things a lot faster and in much better quality, so I jumped in my car and drew near the sea.

I walked, and I walked, and I walked… I walked for nearly four hours. Letting all my problems go away, looking at the sea, listening to the wind, watching birds and feeling alive. As hard as I could, I tried to concentrate only to that moment, forgetting about everything else. It was hard in the beginning, but became easy later. After 3 hours my legs started to hurt and I began to feel tired, but the feeling inside me was wonderful. No worries, no stress, no anxiety… All I wanted was water, which I left in my car, and I didn’t have any other problems. Goal completed! Awesome!

A lot of studies have found that spending time in nature helps to reduce the level of stress. Stroll can boost endorphins which reduce stress hormones and in that way can help you to recover from mild depression. Guess what can help you to improve self-esteem? Walking! While walking you can concentrate on every step, or breathing or to the sounds, and that is just like meditation. You just take away your attention from problems and negative thoughts. And when you come back home, you probably will see everything in different colours and everything will start to look manageable. Walking can become everyday practice for those, who have a hard time to meditate while sitting still. And finally walking is a great way to improve your health, burn calories and help you to look better.

When walking isn’t helping or helping not as much as you want?

• When you are walking and concentrating to problems and thoughts in your head. If you want better results, you should walk and release all your thoughts by concentrating on steps, or breathing, or sounds, or  mantra… Just like during the meditation.
• You are walking not long enough. Sometimes 15 minutes will make a difference. But when you have really big problems it will take a lot longer. (It took nearly four hours for me)
• You are not going alone. That is very important in so many aspects. When you are talking to someone you are not concentrating and not being with yourself, therefore you will not find the answers. I know that talking with someone can really help, but that is another practice. Sometimes it is strange to go for a walk on your own. People are looking at their phones, or pretending that they are waiting for someone to come and join them. So walking alone can help you to build your self-confidence. We have so little time to be alone, and that is one of the reasons we do not hear what our hearts are saying, we don’t know what we really want, we don’t know which decision is right, we don’t know what to change to feel better. So many intelligent people and teachers say that: you know all the answers. And they are right!  But it is a long way till you start to hear yourself, so don’t waste your time and go for a walk!


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