Why did I start this website?

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This is my first post and I am so excited. I have so much to say. And I decided to begin with explanation, why did I start this website?

I see one big problem in our world, and that problem has a name – stress. The speed of life is becoming faster and faster, people are always in a rush, and stress is becoming our daily companion. People go to beds with millions thoughts about their jobs and problems, they wake up with the same thoughts. Only few of them know how to relax without alcohol or drugs. Even children feel stress nowadays. And I didn’t mention all the other negative emotions, which are constantly with us and make our life hard. Those feelings such as fear and anxiety are very harmful for our health, relationships and other aspects of our lives. A lot of people don’t even expect that their lives could be different.

So I could never forgive to myself, if I won’t share my knowledge, which extremely helped me to reduce the level of stress in my life and still helps me now. This knowledge and some practices made my life full of joy, serenity and love. So my purpose is to help you to understand, that alcohol, or drugs, or overeating, or watching TV too much do not solve any problems. Those things just make you happy for a short period of time, and after that you will feel even worse than before.

And now you are probably asking, how to do that? Let’s find the answer together by sharing our knowledge and experience.

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